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ART HISTORY for budding artists

These courses are ideal for ages 8-15.  Projects will be catered to the age and ability of the student. 

Art History (Ancient) – Learn about the artistic side of ancient civilizations. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Inca created beautiful wall art, sculpture, and mosaics. Students will learn about some of these techniques and then create their own works of art through different media. Some projects will include paper mache, clay, and mosaic


Art History (Modern) – Learn about the different modern movements and artists such as PICASSO, VAN GOGH, and CEZANNE and what made them famous. Then students will be encouraged to create their own “masterpieces” while learning to use different techniques, tools and media such as painting, watercolors and paper art.

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Mobile art classes

Our private one-on-one lessons can be customized to your child's specific needs, goals, and current knowledge. We provide plenty of activities that encourage fine motor skills development. 

Arts and crafts, drawing, painting, and more… 

We also offer group sessions. 

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