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Summer Programs 

Our camp offers a unique blend of activities to keep your children engaged, learning, and enjoying every moment:


* Spanish Lessons 🇪🇸

* Arts & Crafts 🎨

* Multisensory Activities 🧩

* Storytelling 📚

* Mindfulness Practices 🧘

* Interactive Games 🎲

* And Much More!

🗓️ Dates: Week 1: June 24- 28/ Week 2: July 2-5

📍 Location: Quinntessential Movement, Galleria Plaza

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Dive into the vibrant world of Spanish with our beginners course! Whether you’re preparing for a trip, looking to boost your resume, or simply wanting to explore a new language, this course is perfect for you. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the basics of Spanish in a fun and interactive environment.. 


This program is designed for young artists who are passionate about understanding the context and techniques behind great artworks. Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, participants will gain a deeper appreciation of art history and its relevance today.

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Through a series of fun and challenging activities, we'll stimulate cognitive functions, enhance focus and concentration, and promote overall brain health. Get ready for a mental workout like never before!

One-on-one or small group sessions. Available by appointment. 

What is Bain Gym? 


Our dedicated tutors are here to support students in a wide range of subjects, helping them achieve their academic goals and build confidence in their abilities. 

One-on-one sessions. Available by appointment. 


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